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About us 
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Who are we?

We are Framing Effekt, a contemporary circus collective, co-founded by Shalom Gramiccioli, Julie Micheneau, Marius Cavin, Nicolas Stocco and consisting of Shalom Gramiccioli, Julie Micheneau, Marius Cavin and Lara Schönthal.

We all graduated in 2022 from the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Our ambition as a company is to express contemporary relevant issues existing in our society through circus.

We finished creating our first full length show: Systema.

Our team
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Julie Micheneau is a circus artist who specializes in aerial rope.

She was born in France (06.02.1998) and has always been passionate about the world of circus. She completed her high school diploma in circus and attended a preparatory circus school in Amiens (FR). Finally, in 2022, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Circus at the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in the Netherlands. Her approach of circus involves a combination of dance and movement, on the ground as in the air. At the age of 13, she had her first performance, and since then, she has already had the opportunity to perform at various circus festivals across Europe (Circa, La rue est à Amiens, Oerol, Circolo, Bregenz, Festival ZirQus,...). With this company she now starts her carrier with this first production.

Next to this, she is part of the project Paradis who’s touring in Switzerland with the companies Kunos, Mea and Fluxcrew

Contact: (French/English)

Marius Cavin, born on January 21st 1997 is a 26 year old Swiss circus artist, specialized in diabolo and floor acrobatics. He was born and raised in Basel - Stadt, where he also started circus in a small youth circus called Quartier Circus Bruderholz. At the age of 18 he got the chance to tour Switzerland for one season with Zirkus Chnopf. After that he decided to deepen his knowledge and technique with a bachelor degree at the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in the Netherlands.

When he graduated in 2022, he was nominated for the Jacques de Leeuwe award in the Circus category. An award in the Netherlands for the best young artists from 16 art disciplines, including dance, music, theater, visual design. With his solo work he has already performed at many different festivals, including the prestige Cirque au Sommet in Crans-Montana and Young Stage Open Air in Basel, Switzerland. Next to his solo work, he is also part of the Duo Notre Duo and the collective Framing Effekt, with which he is on the way to create their first evening-filling show: Systema

Contact: (German/English)

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Shalom Gramiccioli is a circus artist born in Rome, Italy (12.08.1998). Since her childhood, she has been captivated by various forms of dance and movement leading her to join the Albano Gymnastics Group in Rome for 6 years. Her involvement in gymnastics introduced her to aerial silks and the world of circus. Alongside, she ventured into diverse art forms including photography and dance. With a desire to advance her career, she made the decision to pursue formal circus studies at the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in the Netherlands. Shalom is dedicated to combine different disciplines to achieve unique artistic outcomes. In her graduation solo, she combines silks, object manipulation and dance. Until now, she worked with Julian Vogel in his piece China's Serie #4. She performed in the piece of Hendrik van Maele and Margot Jansens together with Maria Madeira called 13 HarbingerRoad which had its premiere in Circkl Festival in Leuven.


Contact: (Italian/English)

Lara Schönthal, born on New Year’s Eve in 1997 in Vienna (AT), is a circus artist specialized in aerial rope and with a keen interest in object manipulation. Besides her life as a creating and performing artist she dedicates her time and interest in the organization of an annual juggling festival (NICE-Festival). Lately she started to dive into the work as a production manager within the fields of the performing arts.

Currently based in France, she nourishes her interest with various arts and continues to explore new paths within the circus world. She constantly questions, reflects and reinvents herself in order to grow as an artist.

Contact: (German/English)

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